Natalia Castillo

Director and Producer of
Miss Texas Latina 

Born and raised in the beautiful South American country of Colombia, Natalia prides herself in her Latin Heritage and cultural traditions. After moving to the United States at the tender age of 18, Natalia received her B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Houston in 2012. 

Her friends and colleagues call her a Colombian firecracker with her bubbly personality and also setting sparks in the Fitness and Pageant world as a 3X Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Champion, Model Champion America, Miss Houston Latina 2014, Miss Texas Latina 2015, current director of Miss Texas Latina and Founder of Fireyoup movement. 

She’s a social connector and female motivator like no other! This powerhouse brings along with her, a wealth of knowledge about Nutrition and Fitness. She definitely knows how to bring the heat on any stage. She is excited and passionate to continue to use her forces to further empower America’s women.

Alexis Alamia

Miss Texas Latina 

Alexis was born and raised in Rosenberg, TX with her family coming from the beautiful country of Mexico. Alexis graduated High School in 2016 and pursued her college career in Education but soon decided full time ministry is what she was prompted to do. She then moved to Birmingham, Alabama to attend Highlands College in the worship leadership practicum. She Graduated with her Ministry Certificate in 2019 being the first in her family to graduate high school AND college. 

Alexis has a magnetic personality that allows her to connect with people so easily. She is bold and enjoys public speaking as she does it for a living. Alexis helps mentor students in her community along with leading and teaching worship at her local church. 

She is a passionate Latina who is always up for any challenge and knows how to bring the heat when it comes to competition. 

She is expectant as she continues to learn, grow, and empower the next generation through the Miss Texas Latina platform. 


“Growing up in a predominantly white community, I never embraced the uniqueness of my culture until I went off to college. Now I am a proud Latina woman who hopes to reach the next generation with the love of God and to inspire them to be proud of who He made us to be. I’m a firm believer the next generation isn’t just the NEXT generation but they are the NOW generation. I look forward to reaching this mission of service as Miss Texas Latina.” said Alamia


For more information about Alexis visit her Official Facebook and Instagram pages: Alexis Alamia @alexisleane_ & Miss Texas Latina - @misstxlatina

Andrea Manzanillo

Miss Teen Texas Latina

Andrea Manzanillo is seventeen years old and was born surrounded by the beautiful beaches in La Paz, Mexico and is also half Colombian. She shares a great connection to both sides of her family and absolutely adores each culture. Especially the food! She is extremely proud to be half Mexican and half Colombian and thinks it's so important for everyone to be proud of where they come from and to represent their heritage! 


Words to describe Andrea are positive, bubbly, determined as well as she has the ability to light up a room as soon as she walks in. Andrea has always been an inclusive friend. She believes that everyone should have an equal chance to have fun, obtain opportunities, and be their best self. Because of this, she loves to make friends! As a senior in Cinco Ranch High School, she is very involved in extracurriculars in her school like for example, she is a part of the Psychology Club because she feels it is important to be educated in mental health in order to raise awareness and be an advocate. She loves creativity and art so she is also a part of the National Art Honor Society, and she is also taking college classes so she is prepared for her next chapter: College. Alongside that, she has begun her entrepreneur journey and has started her own cookie business. Andrea loves modeling, fashion and taking pictures as well as meeting new people! 


She is extremely excited to use her platform as Miss Teen Texas Latina to make a positive impact in society by reaching out to as many people as possible to expand her business and attend to her community by supporting people, doing work, and being a great leader as well as a role model to young latina girls and young generations all together. She is indescribably eager for her upcoming reign and the new opportunities to come.